Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The side hustle that changed my life

Two years ago today my life changed forever! I signed up for this little lipstick wholesale account thing where I was able to buy this lipstick and a whole lot of other stuff that didn’t come off for an awesome discount! 

Now In the last two years I’ve done a whole lot more than just purchase some discounted lipstick. I decided to make this a business. I hit a few ranks, added over 150 boss babes to my team, went to some life changing  events, met some amazing life long friends and made lots and lots of money! Not only all that but most importantly my skins changed and I’ve changed. At 28 my skin has never looked better than it does now and it’s all because I found some really great products! I also have a better outlook on life and I work daily on being the best version of me.

Did I think about those things prior to senegence? Heck no! 

I actually stop and think daily about what I’m thankful for and who I love. If you don’t do these things it’s likely you’re not fulfilled each day you live your life. Either you hate your job, you’re unhappy, you’re not healthy or whatever it may be, you’re not fulfilled. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last two years it’s do what makes you happy! You only get one life, why waste it doing a job you hate! Never did I think that would be lipstick or makeup but wahhhbam, it is! 

That little lipstick thing is now a big lipstick thing that I’m so very grateful for! I get to share the best version of me with you guys every day because I choose to live life for me and no body else. I don’t know about you guys but I’m proud of me!! ☺️

Cheers to 2 years! 🥂🥳

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tiger Gems

"HAUTEADV" for 15% off

I just about died when I came across @tigergemstones you guys! I had a friend previously work with them and completely rave about their whole experience. Something that’s always been in the back of my mind was wanting a new wedding band and engagement ring. The final product of my original set was all pieces my dad gave to me to make into something of my own. Although it came out beautiful it’s on the small side and still $3000 worth of platinum and diamond. The real stuff is expensive you guys!! As soon as I got on tiger Gems website I was in love. I found my dream set which was pretty close to my original set but larger. I knew I just had to reach out which later turned into a collaboration.

I ended up working with Tabitha who is amazing. The customer service she provides is exceptional! She was very helpful, timely in her responses and all around great. I ended up picking out the 4ct solitaire engagement ring, 4ct tw eternity band and the 4ct tw earnings to match. The set is incredible! It’s made from sterling silver and a diamond simulant which mimics how real diamonds look and is surprisingly very durable. I eat, sleep, shower and live life in my ring set not having to worry about anything. I’m all about durability and practicality so when I first ordered these I was a bit worried they would be too big and too clunky.

Tiger Gems proved me wrong and I got all of this without paying a fortune. There website has something for everyone. Tons of different styles to match all personalities and the prices are affordable. This is something a lot of people have to think about along with their wedding. Do you want to blow a bunch of money on one day or a material item (like a ring set) when you could be buying a house or new car? This choice was easy for me and my husband. I like my money to go towards my family so I’m all about the fake!

Every time I tell my friends about my set they all go straight to the site! You can get what you want and not break the bank!!! Thank you again tabitha for taking care of me and giving me the best tiger Gems experience ever!!!

I did a full youtube video review which you can view here to hear more details on my experience and love for tiger gems

You can find my set at and lucky you it’s on sale while supplies last! I’ve linked their Instagram, youtube and product links below.

Instagram: @tigergemstones
Product links:
Engagement ring:

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