Monday, December 30, 2019

How did you just have a baby?

This is me one month after having baby Aidan. I know it sounds kind of cliche hearing someone say, it was using a product consistently every day that allowed them to bounce back. For me, that’s exactly what it was! Now before I tell you what it was or what I did I’m going to tell you that these people in my life;  my sister, my mom, my husband, my friends, my step mom all use various products from this amazing brand. I will share what they use and their stories below!

Isagenix has not only changed my life but it’s changed many peoples lives. I think my favorite thing about this brand is there is something for everyone! The basis of Isagenix is a nutritional re-balancing program which is a two part system. Flooding your body with our super food nutritional shakes and pulling out toxins through our cleanse system which incorporates intermittent fasting. Aside for that Isagenix is like an online grocery store. They have everything like the system products I mentioned above, essential oils, CBD oil, protein bars, snack chips, chocolate squares, vitamins, skin care, anti aging products, coffee, hydrate products, greens powders, fruits and more!

Now because I was pregnant I couldn’t incorporate the cleanse part of the system I left that aside and simply drank ONE SHAKE EACH DAY. I swear you guys, this was it! Now I’m still breastfeeding so also not allowed to use the cleanse system, I just have one shake each day. I eat what I want aside from that shake and I did all throughout my pregnancy. Some stats for you; I only gained 19 pounds and when I went into the doctors for my glucose test she said my levels were above average! But, guess what? I ate more sugar during this pregnancy than I think I ever have. This one simple shake each day gave me my daily nutrition and kept my foundation solid so I could eat what I wanted and still be generally healthy. Now I’m not saying you can have one shake each day and go crazy on sugar because everyone’s body handles sugar differently but having a nutritional foundation is the answer to being healthy.

With my friend Rosemary, who I will talk more about below she found out she had SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overproduction) after trying MANY YEARS to loose weight. She tried working out, counting calories, every diet under the sun and nothing was working because the bacteria in her intestinal track was NOT OKAY.

^^ THIS IS STEP ONE YOU GUYS! The bacteria in your gut! If you’re a kombucha maker or sour krout maker good on you! This is the good kind of bacteria you should be flooding your body with! If you don’t do these things think about a probiotic because bacteria is important! The good kind at least. Let me tell you a little secret, you will never loose weight or be on your way to overall health if the bacteria in your gut is not right.

In my household we make our own sourkrout and kombucha so I’ve had a good bacterial foundation for quite some time. Starting to incorporate the nutritional rebalancing program allowed me to get my daily nutritional foundation on lock so I can be the healthiest I can be! I'm just going to share tid bits about the many people in my life who use Isagenix various products and how they have impacted their lives. To start, My sister uses the full system and has for almost two years now! She was able to loose the stubborn weight. The kind when you look at "skinny" people as say you dont need to loose weight. Well she was one of those people, relatively normal body size but was able to get her body really into shape just by adding the proper nutrition to her diet daily. She was the type prior to Isagenix who would go to the gym and work out multiple times each week but wasn't seeing the results she wanted. Now with the proper nutritional foundation shes able to work out once each week at most and keep her body in the best shape of her life. I remember growing up my sister always had stomach issues, now she still has them but everything is under control! WHICH IS HUGE!! Shes able to eat pizza at night for dinner without it messing up her stomach or have sweets here and there because shes implemented this nutrition in her life daily. Living with IBS (irritable bowl syndrom) hasn't been easy for her but its been life changing since she started using Isagenix.

My husband uses the greens powder and men’s essentials vitamins with Isagenesis. Isagenesis is their anti aging magic that has telomere support in it keeping your body young from the inside out. These vitamins are game changers ladies and gentlemen! We re order these monthly because if we got without them we feel it. My husband has a very hands on, labor intensive job. If he doesn't take his vitamins he can feel the difference immediately. Now like I said above we grow our own veggies in our garden in the spring through the fall but in the winter time my husband struggles to get his greens in. With the greens powder he not only says he feels better after drinking it but they taste good!

On to My friend Rosemary who I talked about above. Shes tried every diet under the sun and was never able to loose weight. When I say every diet I mean every diet! Her issue was her SIBO. Your gut is number one, if you have bad bacteria and an improper nutritional foundation you will never be able to get healthy and loose weight. She unfortunately had to go on very expensive antibiotics to clean out the bad bacteria and she now uses the shakes (one shake each day) to flood her body with the proper nutrition. Ive included a graphic below so you can see everything that's in one shake! Hopefully one day Rosemary will bring herself to try the full system so she can achieve her late goal of weight loss!

My step mom has always been very health conscious. As a runner she saw the immediate benefit as to implement Issagenix into her daily lifestyle and she uses the full system.

My mom also uses the shakes! She’s incorporated one shake each day for over one year now and has lost 20 pounds. She also went to her doctors for her yearly check up and her doctor said all her test results were amazing and asked what she was doing. That’s all from one shake you guys! She’s in her 60’s and has the best nutrition in her life now that she’s ever had. It goes to show, it’s never too late to start!

Last but not least, My daughter uses the Isakids shakes and vitamins! This is a household brand you guys. The biggest gift you can give your children is health. I think every person ever just hopes their baby is healthy when they’re born. Am I right? Don’t you want your 5 year old, or your 18 year old to be healthy too? My favorite part about doing this with my daughter and one day son, is its fun! Shes always excited to make a shake and especially when she has one for breakfast. They taste so good she calls it her "healthy ice cream" and let me tell you, When your kid gets to have "ice cream" for breakfast they will want to do that every morning! So I share all this not to shove Isagenix down your throat but to show you that there's so many versions of health and wellness for everyone in the family. With new guys and gals joining me each month in changing their lives with Isagenix, I share team results on my social media frequently. If you have questions let me know below! I'd love to be able to help you with your 2020 wellness goals. xo, Cara

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How did you just have a baby?

This is me one month after having baby Aidan. I know it sounds kind of cliche hearing someone say, it was using a product consistently ev...