Monday, November 18, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide

           Hey friends! I've had a lot of people message me after my Instagram post reminding people to shop small this holiday season. I decided to put together a holiday gift guide for those who want to support me and my family this holiday season. If you don’t see something here that crosses something off your list let me know what you’re in search of as I probably know some shop I can direct you to!

          Let’s dive in! This holiday season I have everyone covered. First up for all you ladies, I have the best make up and skin care out there for you. Senegence is in a league of its own, famous for its long wear color technology. Most of their products are smudge proof, water proof and have skin care in them. Not only do they last all day, they are good for your skin!

           Ive linked the beauty book HERE so you can take a look at all the makeup and skin care we have to offer. Who's shopping for a guy? I think we can all agree men are the hardest ones on our lists. I got you covered girls!!! Senegence just came out with a Mens Skin/body care line which is a must have. My husband uses it and LOVES IT!!! Its listed in the online beauty book I linked above. Of course if you have questions you can leave them below.

         MAMAS!! Are you shopping for someone with a little one? Those of you who are new here, I started in the social media world back in 2015 with my moccasin shop HauteMoccsDotCom. Although Im not actively running my shop anymore I still have some moccs left. I have linked my shop HERE if you're interested in getting that mama in your life some cute shoes for her babe this holiday season.

         Who in your life is a health nut or a gym rat? Or just simply lives a healthy lifestyle? Isagenix has a wide variety of things perfect for gift giving. From essential oils to a full nutritional re-balancing system. Isagenix has EVERYTHING from vitality and well being products to power performance and weight loss. They even have a kids line!!! If you've followed me for some time these are the shakes my daughter Avia and I drink daily. Ive linked the Isagenix Holiday Gift Guide HERE.

         Remember if you don't see something that you can cross off on your holiday shopping list, reacg out and let me know what you need. Its better to support friends and family or small shops this holiday season than big box stores. 

Happy Shopping!

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